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Agile Marketing

Why should you fail in marketing?

fail fast agail marketing

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “failure”?

Have you just remembered one of your school exams which you finished with a big, red “F” grade? Maybe you’ve imagined an athlete who finished last in the World Cup? Or, what is even more likely if you are an entrepreneur, you have had in front of your eyes a company which went bankrupt?

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The Power of Visual Marketing

the power of visual marketing

Let’s take a quick test. Can you recall a legendary football match of your favourite team or your first date (yes, the one from school days!). I bet that you remember exactly the emotions and feelings from that day. You can rewind your memories frame by frame, like an old movie tape. This is only a retrospective but in your imagination you are still in the middle of the action. I know this feeling. It is very pleasant. Some visual aspects are alive despite the passing of time. However, often we can’t recall the exact dates of those unique moments. Why is that?

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