About me

Maciej Biegajewski

Hi there!

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with over 5 years experience. As a Scrum Master I learned the ins and outs of complete SaaS product lifecycle – starting from product design and prototyping, throughout software development process, finishing on launching product on the B2B niche market.

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What can I do for you?

As a goal-oriented person I don’t accept inefficient solution for marketing. Moreover, I don’t accept business activities which don’t bring the value for their users. Instead of that:

  • I can help you to create a profitable business strategy based on user-centric approach to make sure that everything is important and valuable for customers
  • I implement Agile methods into your marketing to be flexible and instantly respond to market changes
  • I will organize marketing teams to improve their productivity everyday
  • I will successfully change online interactions into real money

I created complex and successful marketing strategy (inluding social media campaigns (both – organic and paid), email marketing, influencer marketing, public and media relations activities, event marketing) for FancyFon Software Ltd. (B2B Software Provider from Ireland), Start Elbląg (top Polish Women Handball Team) and MyScandi (growing e-commerce site with Scandinavian design posters).

I’ve cooperated with many companies – local and global, such as Google, Samsung or Accenture, to drive significant growth for a product on a mobile market.

I love helping others to boost their business ideas. Let’s talk!

Speaker at Marketing events

I’ve spoken at the Festival BOSS in Poznań (the biggest business festival in Poland), the Social Media Thursday in Olsztyn (meetup of social media marketing experts and influencers) and at the Digitialkod (meetup of Tech Marketing and Start-up passionates).

I speak on topics related to Scrum and Agile in software development, adaptation Agile into marketing, teamwork communication and cooperation, personal growth and self-motivation.

My mission is to share valuable knowledge and experience to inspire others and give them the “growth spark”.

Speaking calendar:

April 18, 2016 – Poznań (Poland)  | Poznań University of Economics and Business

I spoke about efficient and effective teamwork and how to finish work always on time.

September 21, 2016 – Olsztyn (Poland) | Social Media Thursday 

I spoke about Agile good practices which can be easily adapt into social media marketing industry.

January 24, 2017 – Warsaw (Poland) | Digitalkod

I spoke about 4 Fundaments of Agile Marketing and why organizations should follow this way of creating value.

14 February, 2017 – Warsaw (Poland) | Code for Poland meetup

20 February, 2017 – Sopot (Poland) | University of Gdańsk

 What’s next?

Short-term goal: Build an Agile Marketing Community

Long-term goal: Create Agile Digital Marketing Institute


Feel free to contact me via e-mail ([email protected])

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